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What We Do


We have a well refined process for developing systems forged from years of experience and training. We work with you to thoroughly understand your business and requirements. And then we work with you through the design process, ensuring a complete and clear specification that will give you an optimal solution. Our development process includes rigorous testing and user feedback loops. And finally we train your users and provide ample documentation.


DeGray believes in total transparency. From the first step onward we have an open process. Projects plans, progress reports, specifications, testing plans, and more are always readily available via our website for you to inspect. You will know exactly where your projects stand at all times.

Custom Made, not Boiler Plate

Our solutions will fit your needs exactly. That's not to say we don't take advantage of frameworks, libraries, and other productivity enhancing tools, because we absolutely do. However, we won't lead you into a solution that doesn't match your needs simply to satisfy the constraints of some pre-existing software solution.

If, on the other hand, a solution already exists that will satisfy your business then we'll identify that for you and push you toward it. Even if that means you need to purchase the solution elsewhere!


Systems are only as strong as the data behind them. We have decades of experience working with data in all forms and sizes. We understand that getting your data right is crucial to the success of your business. We know how to structure, use, analyze, and manipulate data no matter it's size or content.